Warlords of Draenor

Blizzcon has come and gone, and as people are packing and getting back on flights to go home, a lot of us are reading the new information that was revealed to us - the next expansion in World of Warcraft's life - Warlords of Draenor.

5th expansion now, and I personally am very excited! I love the item squish, taking us back to more reasonable numbers. You won't be any less powerful, just see the numbers change visually. I love the Garrison plan, WoW's housing. I love how I can look at the new screenshots of the areas, and for the first time in a long time, actually want to go and explore them!

I am worried about the new models though, as many of us probably are. I hope they make female Trolls look great, still that warrior woman I love. It would be really crushing to see them all have rough faces, and not keep the one friendly/smoother face.

I hope the Garrison plan will allow us to customise inside the Inn. They mentioned trophies and statues from achievements, even heads of bosses/rares! So I hope that the Horde barracks I make won't look like everyone elses Barracks. At least some changes? Maybe banners on it, or a different style of building materials its been made out of.

I like the idea of battleground score too. I bet this is testing for something else one day! Maybe even for WoD if they haven't revealed it yet.


Connected Realms - My Thoughts

Over the years, World of Warcraft players of all kinds have naturally migrated to different realms to play with their friends, find new guilds, strive for Heroic boss kills, search for the most competitive PvP experiences, and otherwise try to find the right place to call home. Over time, these shifts in player population can sometimes create a less-than-optimal play experience for those on less popular realms, making it tougher to find guilds, conquer group content, and get what they’re looking for from the Auction House and in-game economy.

In Patch 5.4, we’re looking to address this with a new feature called Connected Realms. Building on our existing cross-realm technology, a Connected Realm is a set of two or more standard realms that have been permanently and seamless “linked.” These linked realms will behave as if they were one cohesive realm, meaning you’ll be able to join the same guilds and Arena teams, access a single Auction House, run the same Raids and Dungeons, and join other adventurers to complete quests.

Our goal with Connected Realms is to give players on lower-population realms more opportunities to group up, compete, and connect with other players to take on Azeroth’s bigger challenges. That sort of interaction is a big part of what makes World of Warcraft fun, and this feature will help us deliver that experience to even more players.

We’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer a few questions we’re sure you’ll have, and we’re very eager to hear your thoughts and collect further questions in your comments below.

Q. Why are you implementing Connected Realms?
A.As WoW has evolved, we’ve seen players naturally gravitate toward a subset of very active realms, leaving behind lower-populated realms. Due to the massively multiplayer nature of World of Warcraft, certain kinds of gameplay experiences simply aren’t well-suited to a low-pop realm. By allowing players from two or more lower-pop realms to play together, we hope to give more players more opportunities to participate in group-oriented activities, helping to foster a more vibrant in-game community.

Connected Realms also allow us to link populations in a way that’s not disruptive to players, and that doesn’t negatively impact players’ sense of identity and character. Other alternatives such as merging realms would require us to force character name changes if there were conflicts, and could lead to confusion for returning players who’d log in to find their realm missing from the realm list. Some players also feel strong ties to their realm’s name or history, and we don’t want to erase that.

Q. Why implement this now?

A. Our cross-realm technology has continued to evolve since it was first developed for joining players in dungeons. It’s now at a point where we can create seamless worlds made up of multiple individual realms, and we think there are some really positive benefits to that.

Q. How can I tell if someone is on my Connected Realm, but from a different realm?
A. Similar to how we use the (*) symbol next to a player’s name to denote if they’re from another realm in Raid Finder, Dungeons, Scenarios, or a cross-realm zone, we’ll be using a (#) symbol to indicate that someone is part of your Connected Realm, but not your home realm.

Q. Which realms will be connected as Connected Realms?
A. We haven’t decided yet which realms will be made part of a Connected Realm, or which other realms they’ll be connected to, though realms will only be connected to other realms of the same type (e.g. PvE to PvE, PvP to PvP, RP to RP). In the end, we’re considering a number of factors, including Battlegroup, population, and faction balance.

Q. How many realms will make up a Connected Realm?
A. We don’t know how many realms will make up a Connected Realm yet, and it’s likely to differ from Connected Realm to Connected Realm. Our goal is to create a vibrant and fun online experience where you can join guilds, access an active Auction House, and band together to take on group content.

Q. Will Connected Realms have any limitations?
A. There should be no limitations. We want the experience to be seamless, and we expect it work as if you’re suddenly part of a much more active realm.

Q. When will Connected Realms be available?
A. We haven’t yet determined when we’ll be creating the first Connected Realms, but we expect it will be some time after the launch of Patch 5.4.

Lengthy, but they just announced it. Not sure how I feel. I like it tho, in the sense that I personally won't have such a pigeon-holed decision on which server to go to since I love full servers. I love to see cities thriving and full of players. Not to lagsville, just healthy. I would love to be able to spread my characters over 2-3 servers, instead of worrying that I won't be able to be in that guild, or that arena team (which is probably going away soon anyways).

At the moment I have 2 accounts with the same server full. 22 characters, whether they be banks, alts, random name saves or full on characters. It's mainly because I consolidated all my main characters together on 1 realm, then it started to become 1/2 for horde, other for ally.

As time as gone on, I've played Alliance lately. Mainly because of the population. With the connected servers, I should be able to play horde happily once again as I won't have to decide on a server due to population.

I hope it is just like they say; log off one day sad and empty server, next day BOOM people, fun and social aspect makes a comeback :D



Hey guys! Sorry for the long break between entries! So much has happened. Not a lot of it I can share here though. Lets just say it was a lot, and quite emotional.

I'll def be updating more then I have been. Got a lot to talk about. Specially since Mists is coming pretty soon :) And I'm leveling a brand new Mage - crazy yes - and loving it!


BattleTag - RealID's new ID!

Real ID is getting a change. A good one. BattleTag.

A BattleTag is a unified, player-chosen nickname that will identify you across all of Battle.net – in Blizzard Entertainment games, on our websites, and in our community forums. Similar to Real ID, BattleTags will give players on Battle.net a new way to find and chat with friends they've met in-game, form friendships, form groups, and stay connected across multiple Blizzard Entertainment games. BattleTags will also provide a new option for displaying public profiles.
Hmm :) Finally letting us hide our real-life names if we choose to! I hope its a good change. And it works well. But not sure if its just a name-change sort of deal or actually a different way to make friends. If they still see all your characters, that would blah. There should still be some way of getting away sometimes.

What if you just want to farm for a few hours without being messaged a whole lot? If we had invisible or something like that, or just being able to add the character to friends list without having the whole accounts characters seen, that'd be nice. Maybe you don't want everyone to see your bank characters name? What about Role-players too?

I guess we'll find out some more info soon.


Top 5: Things I am glad they changed in WoW

Jinxed Thoughts did an entry just like this the other day, and got me to thinking about doing my own lists :) I think a LOT but a lot of the time, most of it just stays that - thoughts. I tend to think them, and never jot them down or get on blogger quick enough hehe. And then if they are entries, usually it'll be something about whats happening recently, and I didn't feel that was a decent "blog" update as such. Didn't seem important enough to dedicate an entry on just everyday stuff. I should still post them though, as you guys, whoever it is reading this, might want to see my screenshots and hear about a day in WoW.

Anyway, on with the post! :)

1. More PvP gear for everyone.

Now I know that a lot of people call them "welfare epics" or whatever version of that you can think of, but I'm glad a lot more people have access to pvp gear if they get the honor / arena points. Back in Vanilla when I started, you had to glue yourself to your chair and pvp non-stop for days, just to hopefully go up in rank after Tuesday's (Tues here, Oceanic Server) maintenance.
I'm not sure how I feel about the rated bg's having the mounts at 100-200-300 achievements. Yes they are cool mounts, and its good that they are account bound. But you also need to find a grp / guild that actually do them enough to get them. My guild currently doesn't do them, but it'd be nice to get in there. And I can't leave my guild just to join a rbg guild :( Maybe something to make it a lil more enticing to make a lot more people head in there.

2. Mounts / Pets merged into the UI.

As a collector of these + tabards (oh tabard-tab how I long for thee) I had a LOT and I was so glad the day the patch came and finally let us put them in! I was a tiny bit hesitant cause I was unsure if they were going to bug and never been seen again hehe. Well some people had that bug, that they lost their pets / mounts. Luckily Blizzard was nice, and they sent EVERYONE their pets/mounts again in the mail! So a lot of people got seconds on some rare pets such as Hyacinth Macaw!
Now just waiting on the final storage problems - Tabard and old Teir gear!

3. Respecs cheaper + more of them!

Being able to duel spec is probably one of the best things Blizz has done. I used to have a priest and I'd hate that I had to be a healer forever pretty much. I could go and respec as shadow, but it wasn't as accepted, so you usually just stayed as what the guild wanted you to be. So if you weren't a bit alt-person, then you'd have a hard time doing dailies / farming for gold. People still make alts to do other things, but its not as bad as it used to be.

4. Achievements.

There's probably someone out there who will tell me that they're just points, pointless time wasters and a lot more worse things. But I quite enjoy them :) I love having that little pixel list that tells me what I've accomplished in the game. Back before they came out, you would want to join a raid, or a new guild, or even just meet someone new. You'd tell them all the cool things you'd been doing / had experience with it, and they wouldn't believe you. Or if you started a new character, and it didn't have the best gear but you knew what you were doing - there was no way of prooving you had something / knew the fights.
Now I do understand a fair few people in wow get carried, and having an achievement doesn't always guarantee that you do know what you're doing, but for personal accomplishment, I love them :) I'd love to see account-wide achievements, like the feats of strength at least.

5. Ressers no longer worry about released people.

Quite glad this came out. No longer having to target the dead guy under the boss' butt that you can't see because he released. Just hit res on him :D Must be so nice for the ressers out there.


Winged Guardian

(This is a late entry - meant to be posted about a week before, the day of its release)

I got it ^^ Everyone was messaging me at the time, saying "Where did you get that?!" :D Felt kinda cool being someone with something everyone wants xD Must be like that when you have a legendary weapon, or back in the day with the Warlord title.

It flies quite magnificently ^^ Glowlyness out of the wings, without the annoying legs weirding out. I love that its a stone lion aswell. Reminds me of Uldum, and I love my sandy-stargatememories-desert type maps :) It even lands nicely too. I might just be me, but I notice with the older flying mounts, its quite annoying to try and land (for a mining node / herb / just landing sometimes) without hovering for too long, even tho you're pressing S to go down ><